“My life's just too busy…”

Warning, unsympathetic post ahead.

"My life's just too busy!"...is simply not an excuse!

Some of the most successful people on the planet will state the total importance of making time for exercise and good nutrition. 

Making time is not just about planning, it's about being smart and making the right choices. 

If you truly never have time to prepare a breakfast in the morning...getting up at 8:45am for a 9am start is not an example of this. Prepare it the night before.

Stuck for ideas, just ask! I'll give you an amazing recipe for 'overnight oats' that takes less than 3 minutes to make and will keep you full until lunch. Alternatively, try a healthy shake like Purition. 

Always on the road or in a meeting? Choose carefully. Most supermarkets provide pre-made salads or the ingredients to make your own. If you find you're caught without food regularly, have a nutritious long-life snack or health bar that you keep as a back-up.

No time for exercise...again, 90% of people can find at least time for a short Tabata set, which takes less than 20 minutes, and requires no equipment. But, if you;re in the 10% that really cannot move their schedule, try making sure you simply move more during the day...

  • Take the stairs not the lift. 
  • Arrange a walking meeting between locations.
  • Where a FitBit or JawBone wrist strap to encourage you to move more. 
  • Take regular breaks an go to the furthest toilet from your desk. 

Keeping active will help your body function better, you'll also feel healthier and aid your sleep. 

Prioritise your time, and value the investment you make into yourself. If you're not the best version of yourself how do you expect to help others?