“I'm working hard at the gym, but I can't seem to stick to eating well!"

Almost everybody goes through this stage, putting in the building blocks for exercise can be more logical and structured than planning your nutrition. 

However, there is only one way to move passed this and that is structure, commitment and planning. No matter how busy your life is, you need to eat, and the more you look after your diet the better you will feel. 

It's all about developing lifestyle habits that work for you. Here's a few techniques to try: 

- Get organised: Set aside blocks of time once or twice a week and prepare almost all your meals and freeze them. Sunday evenings work best for me, I like to be set for the week!

- Be creative: Plan your shopping list, create a meal planner and enjoy making time to cook creatively every evening. Allow an extra 15 minutes to do your lunch for the next day too. 

- Part prepared: Cut your vegetables up and freeze them uncooked in meal portions. You can also do this with other ingredients like meat. 

- Order in: There's some fantastic meal delivery companies, such as MealTek who deliver your meals specifically to suit your diet and daily calories. You can even choose your favourite meals. 

There's no right or wrong way, it's simply a case of being committed to finding a way that works for you.   

Lastly, consider your commitment to your nutrition as you would your children or other loved ones. Would you be happy for them to skip breakfast, eat a sugary, junk food based lunch and dinner? 

Remember, the choices you make today, determine your future!