Being ‘healthy’ a few basics

Weight loss is as simple as consuming fewer calories than you use, right?

Whilst calorie counting isn’t for everyone and a little bit of ‘what you fancy’ is good for us all, it’s important to remember a few basics.

Weight loss may occur for most people by simply eating less than they use but not all calories are nutritionally equal.

In my personal opinion, a healthy diet comes down to a simple set of rules, which are:

  • Always cook your meals from scratch. Always use unrefined or natural foods.
  • Roughly 30-40% of most main meals should be green vegetables (raw if possible).
  • Include a healthy source of lean protein with each main meal (chicken or turkey breast, eggs, beef, turkey, venison).
  • Avoid white breads and pasta’s wherever possible.
  • Avoid sugary drinks, sauces and snacks.
  •  Limit your alcohol consumption.

This doesn’t mean you can NEVER eat a cookie, cupcake or similar treat, but it should be in moderation. As a rule of thumb, if you create a meal plan for the week and you can guarantee 90% of the time it meets the above rules and you are confident you can stick to this; you’re off to a good start.