To infinity and beyond

I see you find found my new website...and maybe the beginning of your new journey?

This website isn't just a list of products and services, it's an opportunity to communicate a desire to empower people to realise and unleash their inner potential through personal training. 

Adventure is out there
— Up, Disney Movies

It may start as simple as a couple of hours exercise a week or a plan to help you eat a healthy balanced diet, but the end result is often far bigger than you dared imagine:

  • Increased confidence
  • Career promotions
  • New friendships 
  • Unrivalled achievement
  • Life transforming knowledge  

...and a story worth telling!

 You may not find these listed as a promise with each package but I can assure you each has been apparent on my journey.

Your only limit is your soul
— Ratatouille, Pixar


As an individual I have a pretty positive and confident outlook, but my journey to this point hasn't been without its challenges. To name a few, as a school child I was bullied for my weight, I struggled with depression in a particularly high pressured marketing role, and I've understood the stresses of starting a business on more than one occasion. 

Why is this relevant...? Through each of these challenges, centring my life around fitness and health has given me the strength and control to overcome each situation, but also the knowledge and empathy to support you on your journey.

Everybody's journey is different, and yours will likely be different to mine, but there will be two similarities...

  1. A decision to change. 
  2. A story worth telling. 

So, whether you've been struggling to shift those few pounds, lack confidence or wish you had a clue what 'fit & healthy' meant, it's time to make a decision...

Are you going to 'just keep swimming' or are you ready to start living?

P.s. Checkout my Personal Training packages, Nutrition packages, and you can now buy Purition and DNAFit all online. 

Artist credit: Risa Rodil