5 Unusual ways to avoid weight gain this Christmas

You've heard all the usual Christmas weight loss advice. Here's some lesser known practical tips that you can try out this year...

1. Have yourself a blue Christmas

The colour blue is thought to suppress appetite. Try using blue dishes, napkins and tablecloths to curb over eating.

2. Master the art of chopsticks

These will slow your eating pace. You’ll be more aware of what you’re eating and notice when you’re full.

3. Sit at the end of the dining table

Side dishes and extras are usually placed in the centre of the table. Sitting at the end helps avoid impulsive eating.

4. Protein first. Carbohydrate last.

Eating protein first fills you up and keeps you full for longer. Protein also burns more calories during digestion. 

5. Light a vanilla candle

A London based study showed the scent of vanilla reduced sweet food and drink cravings, aiding weight loss.

Come back and share how these worked out for you...