Advanced Nutrition

Simple Calorie Calculations

Calculating your required calorie intake as well as your breakdown of Carbs, Fats & Proteins allows you to set more specific targets, track your progress directly and make alterations as required to reach your goals. 

Follow these steps below to calculate your your calories for weight loss. If you want to know your maintenance calorie intake (calories required to keep your weight the same), skip step 4. 

Step 1...First, weight yourself in KG

Step 2...Multiply this by 22 for a Woman of 24.2 for a Man, this provides the number of calories you burn if you just stood still today. 

Step 3... Factor in your daily energy expenditure by multiplying your calorie baseline by: 

  • 1.2 - If your sedentary most of the day
  • 1.3 - If your sedentary most of the day but do 1-2 exercise sessions per week. 
  • 1.5 - If your quite active in the day and do 2 - 3 exercise sessions per week. 
  • 1.7-9 - If your job/day is physically demanding and you do 3 - 5 exercise sessions per week. 

= Your Overall Daily Calorie target. 

Step 4...Subtract 10-15% for weight loss. 
Your Overall Calorie target - 15% = Overall Weight Loss Calorie Target

Step 5...Figure out Protein & Fat intake
Weight (KG) x 2 = Protein (g)
Weight (KG) x 1.1 = Fat (g)

Step 6... Figure out your calories so far. 
Protein in grams x 4 = Calories from Protein (1g Protein = 4 Calories)
Fat in grams x 9 = Calories from Fat (1g Fat = 9 Calories)

Protein Calories + Fat Calories = Calories so far. 

Step 7... Figure out your calories so far.

Calories so far - Overall Weight Loss Calorie Target = Remaining calories

Remaining Calories divided by 4 (1g Carbohydrates = 4 Calories)

Step 8...Bringing it all together. 

You should now have your total calorie requirement plus your individual targets for Protein, Fat & Carbohydrates. Using the App you can start tracking your food intake and see how you are doing.